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Hi, my name's Leah. On fanfiction (and just about everywhere else), I'm known as mermaidpotato. I plan on using this for fandom stuff, mostly. Check back here later, mmmkay?
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mermaids_feet [userpic]

Title: Casual Whom
Fandom: Castle
Pairings/Characters: Castle/Beckett
Rating: K
Notes: I noticed that Beckett properly used 'whom' in a recent episode, and no attention was called to it, and being the grammar geek that I am, I almost squeed, and then this happened.
To whom? Do you have a name?Collapse )

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mermaids_feet [userpic]

Title: Br88888888h
Fandom: Homestuck
Pairings/Characters: Vriska/John
Rating: K
Notes: The title can be read as either "Breathe" or "Breath", though I think I like it better as "Breath". I promise upon all of my honor that there won't be any of Vriska's quirk in the actual drabble (or anyone else's). Only 100 words anyways. Sorry about the dumb title. Really. Also, all punctuation (or lack thereof) is completely intentional.
(They met...Collapse )

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mermaids_feet [userpic]

How many digits of pi have you memorized?


mermaids_feet [userpic]

Title: Red for You
Fandom: Homestuck
Pairings/Characters: Dave/Terezi
Rating: K+
Notes: So... um, I know no one's here for Homestuck, but I really love it and I've been writing a little for it and I got this idea and wrote it and I just really like how it came out, so... I'll just leave this here. Enjoy?
100-word drabble, possibly cheating a little through the use of the dash and combining Collapse )

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mermaids_feet [userpic]

Title: Sheer Memory
Fandom: Doctor Who
Pairings/Characters: Eleven/Rose, TARDIS
Rating: K+ (Blink-and-you'll-miss-it implications)
Notes: The first of perhaps three entries for Challenge 94 over at then_theres_us. It didn't come out exactly like I wanted, but it's sorta a weird idea to begin with. Enjoy.
There are dainty silk shower curtains in his bathroom.Collapse )

mermaids_feet [userpic]

Why is freedom of speech important to you?

I feel that today's Writer's Block is inaptly named, as I don't have writer's block. I have instead been writing all day about SOPA and PIPA, attempting to put what we all know so readily into words that even politicians can understand. But I think I've spent a long enough time talking about why the bills are bad and how politics is ruining our country and the world. Let's look on the bright side a little...

Why is the freedom of speech important to me?Collapse )

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mermaids_feet [userpic]

Well, I disappeared for a week or so and lookie what happened! The lovely silverlunarstar recommended my little 10/Rose oneshot, Where the Ocean Kisses the Shore. I haven't yet gotten a chance to peek around the other recommendations and her own writing, but I will soon and I'm sure they're lovely. (I may post later to sing praises if any catch my eye.)

Additionally, my Doctor/Rose claim has finally been accepted at 11_reasons, and I have crazy plans for that one. The prompts at then_theres_us are sparking far more ideas than the last ones did, and I should have plenty of time to write this week.

Basically, lots of 11/Rose. Don't know why, but that's how it's working out. Though I also have some promises I made over on ff.net, so progress might have an interesting pace. Maybe soon I'll pick up a bigger DW project. Maybe. In the mean time, ofalexandra has posted a new chapter of her dystopian!verse. Which is bounds better than anything I've written here. You should go read that instead of this drivel.

EDIT: When I began to peruse, I found that I actually had read a lot of silverlunarstar's stuff on Then There's Us. You can find her DW writing here. All of her five things stories are very good, but my favorite has to be The Daisy Lady. It's just so sweet, I love how everything fits together.

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mermaids_feet [userpic]

Title: Where the Ocean Kisses the Shore
Fandom: Doctor Who
Pairings/Characters: Ten/Rose, OC Aliens
Rating: T (I got sick of the G-R rating system already, go figure)
Notes: Written for Challenge 92 over at then_theres_us, which is a photo challenge. The photo inspiration is at the bottom. Unbetaed (I could actually use a beta for my DW stuff, if anyone's interested), but edited enough that it's bearable (though still a bit blah near the middle). 2,862 words, which is much more than I was expecting to write. Enjoy.

Suddenly, he stopped. In the middle of a sentence, in the middle of a footstep, he glanced back at the shore and then down at her. “Should be far enough, don't you think?”Collapse )

mermaids_feet [userpic]

I'm mad. I am very, very mad. I spent most of the day yesterday converting old files that are in a format I can no longer open on my main computer into OpenOffice format. Tedious, but not really any big deal. I've been meaning to do it for a while, and I'm glad to finally be able to work on some projects I was in the middle of that were gathering dust. I was actually rather fortunate when it came to what was saved from the computer meltdown.

But today, lo and behold, I have two different copies of my file of Doctor Who drabbles. Each has a few that the other doesn't. I was extremely excited, but somehow, in the process of copying them over, I made some kind of idiot move and copied the ones I knew existed over the ones I'd forgotten about (and, thus, the ones that were backed up online over the ones that weren't). Then OpenOffice wouldn't let me undo. And my over-paranoid saving reflex kicked in at the worst possible moment.

So now, I lost four or five series 5/6 drabbles. They were good drabbles. And I'm just sick and tired of computer troubles. URGH. *headdesk*

I guess no-one will ever read this, but I feel a little bit better now. Still, UGH. Time to go write things.

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mermaids_feet [userpic]

So! I have discovered a community that may very well have been dead for the past year, but I've been drabbling like crazy and I breeze through 1sentence claims way too quickly. So, to entertain me, I've picked up the table from drabbles100 in the hopes of tiding myself over. I'm attempting to grab an official claim there as well (why else did I get an lj?), but I don't know how well that's going to go. Most of the claims since 2010 look unanswered.

For the heck of it (meaning on a whim that I'll most likely regret in the morning), I've decided to claim it for Castle! Castle/Beckett, obviously, because what else is there in the show? Or, rather, what else is there for a writer to fic when she can't write a mystery to save her life?

Cut for the sake of formatting...Collapse )

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